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Accuracy Explained

Generally speaking most pedometers that are on the market today have sufficient accuracy for use in fitness walking programs, like the Bodytronics QuickSteps Program. With the exception of extremely inexpensive (under $9 retail) promotional-grade pedometers, most pedometers on the market will achieve accuracy within 3% - 5% of the steps walked.

This level of accuracy is really all that is needed in order to establish a baseline of walking activity, set a goal, and then work to achieve that goal. Most fitness walking programs are based on this concept. Don’t get obsessed with an extra step counted or lost here and there, as they will balance out in the end. Instead, concentrate on working every day to build your average walking activity over a period of time. To use an old saying, “Don’t miss the forest looking for the trees”. For participation in walking programs, or for general fitness benefits, any pedometer sold by Bodytronics will work just fine. Choose the one that fitness your technical skill level and budget.

If you are participating in a research study, or organizing a research study, then your needs are much different. Because the validity of your work may be at stake, you want to have the most accurate pedometer available, no matter what the cost. If you are organizing or participating in such a study we recommend using the Omron HJ-112, or for simple step-based programs the Bodytronics ProStep. Both have proven themselves in this demanding environment.

To summarize, pedometers by the nature of how they sense steps via impact can not achieve 100% accuracy. This is especially true when they are being worn all day long as part of a walking program. There are simply too many bumps along the way that can (and will) be counted as steps. In the end we find that these events tend to null one another out, and that extra steps tend to make up for a shuffle here or there that was not counted. Again, don’t miss the forest for the trees. Choose a pedometer, establish a baseline, set a goal, and walk

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