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Whether you’re going for a jog or a vigorous walk, pedometers allow you count the number of steps you take per minute. They can also estimate your speed, distance and calorie burning so they actually make some walks a little more fun. There’s pedometers for running, walking and cycling.

By finding out where your maximum aerobic levels when walking, you can keep your steps per minute at the highest levels for maximum fitness and fat burning.

If you’d like to know the distance you’ve walked, you have to find your stride length. You can accurately find your stride length by taking ten steps at the pace you intend to walk at, and then divide that distance by ten. Your electronic pedometer will allow you to enter the distance of one stride and then calculate that distance. Most models will also calculate calories burned by allowing you to enter your body weight.

Common Functions of Pedometers

Sometimes the pedometer may count non-step movements, so good models such as Bodytronic’s ProMaxx Pedometer, have a built-in standby mode until the person has taken 5 continuous steps. The counter automatically adds the steps when 5 steps have been recorded. Discover how Pedometers work.

Bodytronics offers an excellent array of high quality pedometers such as the Bodytronics ProStep Deluxe, Omron HJ-112 pedometer, and the Timex 5D521 Heart Rate Monitor.

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