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Pedometer Information Center

When it comes to pedometers, there are many brands, features, and other choices to choose from. At Bodytronics we have studied the available pedometers on the market and chosen the best units from each pedometer category. Most pedometers on the market today are actually manufactured by the same few far-east OEM manufacturers. This is why you will see different brand pedometers that look very similar (if not identical). Many of our competitors have dozens of brands of pedometers, each brand with numerous models available. The end result is a dizzying choice of pedometers, many with the same features, some with questionable quality. Long ago we found there is really only a few classes of pedometers:

1. Basic steps only - units that only count steps (Bodytronics ProStep, Estep, Qstep)
2. Steps & Distance - units that count steps, and give the distance walked (Bodyronics ProCal)
3. Steps, Distance, & Calories - units that add calorie counting (Bodyronics ProCal), Omron Pedometers)
4. Memory pedometer - units that have a daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly memory (Bodyronics ProFit, ProMaxx, Omron Pedometers)
5. Specialty pedometers - units that upload to the internet, talk, etc. (SportBrain Pedometers)

Once you break down the choices, you can see that there is really no need to have a confusing array of pedometers available. We have quality pedometers available in each of the above categories as indicated above. We have done the testing and only offer pedometers that offer proven performance! Best of all we also offer very competitive pricing and free shipping when you buy from us!
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