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Weight Training

Weight training is more often associated with bodybuilding than it is with physical fitness, yet the cardiovascular system is improved by rigorous weight training. Training with weights also produces stronger muscles, which translates to improved fitness levels. Whether youíre climbing a hill during a round of golf or swimming, stronger muscles built with weight training will allow you to do more with less effort and lesser chance of injury.

As in aerobic training, greater metabolism of fats and energy are achieved with moderate weights over an extended period. Lifting very heavy weights as a football player or bodybuilder would do, is anaerobic and fatigue and lactic acid build up will occur.

Another key benefit of weight training comes from the fact that you can keep all your muscle groups in balance.

You can get a better idea of your fitness levels when performing different weight training routines. Using heart rate monitors, we can view our response to different types of weight training activities. Improvements in one muscle group donít transfer to another muscle group, therefore you need to have a well round workout regimen to maintain a healthy muscular balance and optimal fitness.

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