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Physical Fitness

Rising levels of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are alarming trends that we can all do something about. Mild forms of physical fitness such as walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming are all people need to stay in good physical condition and prevent the onset of the life endangering effects of inactive lifestyles.

The benefits of physical fitness are often quoted in the media yet our lifestyles and the structure of our cities and neighborhoods prevent many people from getting active. As an alternative, gyms at least provide a place to walk, run, swim and even lift weights. If your neighborhood is unsuitable for walking, drive to an area where you can get out for a good walk. Itís good for your heart and mind.

When a gym isnít available, the great outdoors provides a good place to get some exercise. If youíve been inactive for years, you should take it easy when trying to get back in shape. That way, you avoid injuries and other more serious health events, and you minimize the number of things that could happen to cause you to give up.

There are several elements of good physical conditioning. Muscle strength and endurance along with cardiovascular capacity, and even energy production, all play their roles. A good conditioning program will take all of these into consideration. Lethargy may just be ďhuman inertiaĒ or it could signal a problem with your diet or blood sugar levels. Be sure youíre getting enough nutrition!

Although walking, jogging and cycling are great cardiovascular activities, they usually donít incorporate enough strong muscular exertion to give the body what it needs. To augment your physical fitness regimen, weight lifting is very helpful. Again donít overdo it.

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