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Maximum Heart Rate

To determine your maximum heart rate, you need to walk for about one mile at a brisk pace (not racewalking). That means 4 laps of a high school track. The first 3 laps or 3/4 of a mile is to get heart rate stabilized and then you can actually measure your heart rate during the last lap or 1/4 mile. After you find your heart rate (e.g., 144 beats per minute) you have to add to that number. How much depends on what kind of shape youíre in. Learn more about heart rate zone training and buy our heart rate zone chart.

If youíre in poor shape, add 40 for your maximum (144 + 40 = 184). If youíre good shape, add 50 to your walking rate (e.g., 168 + 40 = 208). The heart rate wall charts only have a general numbers. You need to find your own, true heart rates. The health of people over 30 varies greatly so age isnít the best indicator of real maximum heart rates. Treat it as a general guide. Heart rate monitors can help you gain a better understanding of your maximum rates through continuous estimates over many months. With heart zone training, you might consider your heart rate monitor your electronic personal trainer!

A healthy heart zone is about 50 to 60% of your maximum rate and this is safe and less stressful for beginners or those who are out of shape. Knowing more about your heart rate zones will you in tune with what your body can handle. Take it easy when youíre just getting back in shape. That way, you wonít get injured and you wonít give up.

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