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As a precursor to strenuous sports like football, soccer, track and field, basketball, and even hockey, walking and then jogging is important to avoid injuries and to let the body warm up. Researchers have long found that jogging pushes the body to its aerobic limits. If youíre sufficiently good physical condition and are able to jog, this is one activity that offers tremendous health benefits.

Amateur and weekend athletes often donít take sufficient time to warm up for their sport. As a result, their athletic performance and enjoyment may suffer. The body needs to increase its cardiovascular levels gradually and the mind needs to adjust to feel comfortable with the increasing demands of physical activity.

Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy jogging as an activity in its own right. It is as accessible an exercise as walking and perhaps has greater benefit that walking. One notable benefit is weight loss. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), an averaged size person jogging at 6 mph will burn around 12.5 calories per minute. Jogging three times a week can help reduce your weight significantly as your metabolism increases, helping you burn calories even after youíve exercised. Modern body fat scales measure your body fat electronically and are much more useful than standard bathroom weight scales.

To learn more about your conditioning levels before, during and after exercise, heart rate monitors provide an accurate record of your heart rate. As your conditioning improves and your heart strengthens, you should notice a reduction of your resting heart rate.

Jogging Pedometers and Blood Pressure Monitors

Competitive runners and joggers alike often want to calculate their speed in steps per minute to ensure they get the workout they need. Electronic pedometers count the number of steps taken and when you multiply steps times the length of your average stride, you can calculate the distance youíve jogged. They are handy fitness gadgets.

If you have serious health issues such as high blood pressure, you can buy personal blood pressure monitors that allow you stay within safe ranges as you increase your activity levels. It is advisable to use blood pressure monitors. They will help you get in better touch with your physiology to better understand how your blood pressure varies during the day.

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