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The mountain biking revolution spurred strong growth in bicycle development and sales over the last 16 years. The big tires and the higher handlebars are actually better for the average cyclist.

Mountain biking is not for everyone, however casual mountain biking over safe terrain free of rocks, holes and trees can be a lot of fun and good exercise.

Similar to walking, cycling is easier on the joints such as knees, ankles and hips. It does have its own form of repetitive use injuries that must be dealt with. These can be minimized by adjusting seats, pedals and handlebars and by choosing a medium type of road or pathway.

For the average, casual cyclist though, this form of exercise is a great workout. Cycling builds your cardio vascular conditioning and your leg strength which will definitely help muscle tone. This makes it a superior conditioning exercise to walking if you are able to find somewhere to bike. Stationary bicycles can give the same aerobic and strength benefits as many have built programs that vary the difficulty. And, you can watch TV at the same time so you won’t feel you’re missing out!

Bodytronics sells the Polar Cycling Power Output Kit which connects to the with the Polar S625X, S-710, S-720 and S-725 Heart Rate Monitors and adapts to any wheel or hub changes.

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