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Dieting Problems

Some major drawbacks to dieting has to do with inconsistent eating and depletion of certain nutrients. For instance, if a dieter isnít getting adequate intake of protein or calcium in their diet and they are in need in a particular area of the body, the body will simply extract that protein or calcium from another area of the body. This leeching of nutrients from area to another is not a healthy condition. Electrolytes and vitamins will be similarly handled by the body.

Unwanted Fat or Cellulite

When an area of your body has too little muscle and too much fat, the result is a lumpy appearance of the skin. Some like to call this Cellulite, however experts concur that cellulite is just fat. The condition called cellulite appears to afflict women more than men, and it is probably because women have less muscle mass. Regardless of who it is, we can all agree that cellulite is not an attractive feature of someoneís appearance.

People donít notice the growing amount of fat that accumulates because it is a slow, insidious process that happens over the years. When this fat is oxidized, it contributes to the formation of dangerous plaques on and within artery walls called arteriosclerosis. While reversing plaque may not be possible, getting rid of unwanted fat is through diet and exercise. And donít think of the exercise part of it. Think instead of the fun you can have walking, jogging, cycling, playing tennis and golf and just getting out to breathe fresh air. The great feeling you get after a workout is one other reward for getting your heart pumping and blood circulating.

Experts argue over the best ways to get rid of unwanted fat or cellulite. Some point to diet and others to exercise and others still to lifestyle changes. Our view is that it may require all three. Eliminating dangerous fats from your diet is just plain smart. Vitamin and herbal supplements can help you as well, as long as you get the okay from your doctor.

Major Diets and Diet Programs:

South Beach Diet
Adtkins Diet
Scarsdale Diet
Weight Watchers Diet
Zone Diet
Mayo Clinic Diet
Tuna Diet
Grapefruit Diet
Cabbage Diet

Combine your new diet with a sensible exercise regimen such as Bodytronicís quick step program. Buy a pedometer and make your walking count!

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