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Almost everyone considers doing some form of dieting to lose weight. Diet programs such as the Adkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Weightwatchers Diet, Mayo Clinic Diet, and the Zone Diet are popular. Then there are non-commercial diets on medical or food themes such as low carb diets, cabbage diets, grapefruit diets, high fiber diets, and diabetes diets.

In a perfect world, we wouldnít need diets or any drastic changes in eating patterns. The reality of our modern lifestyles is that some people will need to drastically curtail their consumption of fats and carbohydrates. At some point in our lives we will need to use some of sort of diet or food regimen.

Dieting in the healthy sense of the term, means cutting back on unhealthy foods and ingredients. Modern diet programs help to ensure that you cut down on fat and carbohydrates, while still maintaining a healthy intake of essential nutrients. There are opponents and detractors of dieting who say that it is unhealthy to alter your diet. There is some evidence that a reduction of carbohydrates can hamper physical performance.

But letís look at this realistically. The person needs to lose weight and itís unrealistic to think theyíre going to burn it all off by exercising. When you consider how unhealthy the average personís food intake is, any time they get away from that unhealthy food is time well spent. One of the major problems with dieting is the yo-yo moods and energy levels that come from vacillating blood sugar levels. Keep this result in mind as you diet. Donít be afraid to break the diet rules if your behaviour becomes negative or you lack the energy to do things.

By using a diet program you can target the correct amount of calories you need to burn every day to stay within a healthy range, and avoid taxing your body too much. Popular diet programs also promote a purposeful nutritional intake where you get what you need from the major food groups. Through education, the dieter can avoid harmful nutritional deficiencies that may lead to additional health problems. And yes, being overweight is a health problem.

Major Diets and Diet Programs:

South Beach Diet
Adtkins Diet
Scarsdale Diet
Weight Watchers Diet
Zone Diet
Mayo Clinic Diet
Tuna Diet
Grapefruit Diet
Cabbage Diet

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