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Pedometers, Heart Rate Monitors, Sport watches, Body Fat Analyzer and more! is your online superstore for pedometers, heart rate monitors, specialty sports watches, sports timers, body fat analyzers and body fat scales. We supply a select range of quality sports electronic equipment and devices to help you improve your health and your personal or team's athletic performance.

Using a heart rate monitor is a great way to improve and verify results during exercise. We stock all the best brands including Polar, Timex, Reebok, and more!
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A pedometer helps motivate and track your walking progress. Bodytronics pedometers offer excellent performance and value. We also offer top-rated Omron pedometers.
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Track your progress by monitoring body fat, body water percentage, bone mass and more. We stock Tanita and Omron body composition monitoring equipment.

A quality blood pressure monitor is useful for the entire family. We stock manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models. Choose from top-quality LifeSource and Omron units.

Stylish and functional, our selection of sport watches are perfect for casual wear, work, or play. Choose from Timex, Seiko, Garmin and more.

The power of satellite navigation on your wrist! Units by Garmin and Timex give speed & distance data while you walk, run, or cycle. Garmin models include basic navigation.

From the most basic to most advanced, we have your stopwatch! Top models from Bodytronics, Robic, Seiko, Ultrak, and more.

If you can dream up the application, we probably have the timer to cover it. We scour the market for unique solutions to timing problems and offer them at the best price possible.

Our popular brands of pedometers, sports watches, and heart rate monitors include these top manufacturers: Timex, Omron, Ultrak, Lifesource, Polar, Reebok, Cardiosport and Garmin. We carry the very popular Omron Body Fat Scales and Analyzers. These are manufacturers you can rely on. View our catalogue and order your pedometers, heart rate monitors, specialty sports watches, sports timers, body fat analyzers and body fat scales online. Shipping is free!


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We've got the hot new Garmin models in stock! Bodytronics offers low prices and fast, free shipping on every Garmin model!

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Top quality Omron Pedometers make a great gift. Bodytronics stocks the entire line - all with free shipping!

Polar Heart Rate Monitors - Authorized Dealer
The latest Polar Heart Rate Monitors are in stock now at the lowest prices ever! Bodytronics is an Authorized Polar Retailer.