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Garmin VivoFit Accessory Bands - 3 pack
Price: $24.95

Omron HJ-325 Alvita Ultimate Pedometer
Price: $29.95

Omron HJ-329 Alvita Ultimate Pedometer
Price: $29.95

Garmin VivoFit Premium Heart Rate Bundle
Price: $179.95

Garmin VivoFit Heart Rate Bundle
Price: $169.95

Garmin VivoFit Activity Monitor
Price: $129.95

Polar Loop Activity Monitor H7 HRM Bundle
Regular Price: $189.90
SALE PRICE: $144.88
You save: 24%

Polar Loop Activity Monitor H6 HRM Bundle
Regular Price: $179.90
SALE PRICE: $139.14
You save: 23%

Escali Arti Glass Kitchen Scale
Regular Price: $59.95
SALE PRICE: $34.95
You save: 42%

Seiko SO63 Decimal Minute Stopwatch
Price: $149.95

Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS Heart Rate Watch
Price: $449.95

Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS Watch
Price: $399.95

Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Heart Rate Watch
Price: $299.95

Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Watch
Price: $249.95

Polar Loop Activity Monitor
Regular Price: $109.95
SALE PRICE: Add To Cart To View

Omron HHX-IT3-Z NFC Communication Tray
Price: $19.99

Omron HJA-312 Weekly Activity Monitor
Price: $49.95

Timex Ironman Easy Trainer GPS Watch
Regular Price: $99.95
SALE PRICE: $79.95
You save: 20%

Timex All Day Tracker Pedometer Watch
Regular Price: $64.95
SALE PRICE: $49.95
You save: 23%

Bodytronics Pro1 Mode-Select Pedometer
Regular Price: $19.95
SALE PRICE: $15.95
You save: 20%

Bodytronics Model Fifty Event Stopwatch
Regular Price: $12.95
You save: 31%

Seiko DM51 Digital Metronome Pacer
Price: $32.95

LifeSource BP Monitor AC Adapter TB233
Regular Price: $19.99
SALE PRICE: $14.95
You save: 25%

Omron BP Monitor AC Adapter ADPTW5
Regular Price: $33.50
SALE PRICE: $14.95
You save: 55% Fitness Superstore - Leading supplier of fitness products for athletes, walkers, runners, cyclists and active people. We offer a top selection of pedometers, GPS sport watches, and heart rate monitors that measure fitness activity and levels such as heart rate, time in target zone, and calorie burn counting.  Our products are used by professional athletes in baseball, track & field, football, cycling, cross country running, triathletes, and by seniors wishing to measure their improvement in fitness levels.

Everyone's favorite Pedometers, Heart Rate Monitors, and Sport Watches.

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