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Our goal at bodytronics.com is to provide both our wholesale and retail customers with the best possible products and customer service at the best price. Our company was founded as service-oriented, and despite our evolution, that focus has not been forgotten. We want our customers to know who they are doing business with and feel comfortable with their choice. More than just an "internet company" we are a privately held, fully staffed business with a purpose-built "brick and mortar" headquarters. Our street address, email addresses, and toll-free phone numbers are prominently displayed throughout our website, and there are real people on the other end waiting to answer your call, email, or fax. We are proud of our history as a service-first company, and would like to share our history with you.

Bodytronics is the trade name of TKO Enterprises, Inc., a privately held company founded in 1994. We began operation as a full service track-side stopwatch and timing vendor at Karting tracks in Georgia. We developed a low-cost self-timing system that enabled racers to time their own laps while on the track. This system was very popular locally, and after a few years of refinement we began marketing the timing system under the trade name of Kartspeed, and in 1998 began offering the system at www.kartspeed.com. This was our first e-commerce effort.


Despite little or no advertising, the power of the web was amazing, and we were soon flooded with requests to buy "just the stopwatch." The market quickly made us aware that there was not a source for high quality stopwatches. We responded, and in Oct. 1998 we registered the domain stopwatches.com where we offered a full line of stopwatches from all the major manufacturers. We grew very rapidly in 1998, and in 1999 started looking for ways to grow our business with complimentary product lines. In June of 1999, we launched Bodytronics, and the website bodytronics.com. The concept of Bodytronics was to offer a full line of personal fitness electronics, including pedometers, heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitoring, and body fat measurement. Bodytronics.com was immediately successful, and later in 1999 the stopwatches.com website and product line was integrated into bodytronics.com to facilitate a more concerted marketing effort for our two complimentary product lines. Early in 2000, we began offering our own line of Bodytronics products, including pedometers, stopwatches, conductive gel and more. These products enabled us to eliminate the middleman markups on our most popular selling products, which allowed us to offer a superior product at a very competitive price.


In 2001 the wholesale growth of the Bodytronics product line, especially pedometers, was incredible. By Late 2001, it became clear that we could no longer operate out of our rented office space. In the spring of 2002 we found and purchased the "perfect" space, 2000 square feet of office / warehouse. We quickly outgrew our "perfect" space, and in late 2002 we purchased 1.5 acres of land in an industrial park and began construction of a new headquarters. Currently 5000 square feet, expandable to over 10,000 square feet our current facility was built from the ground up with our business in mind. With 20' warehouse ceilings, we finally had the space to stock the huge quantities of product our wholesale customers demanded, and at the same time were able to stock every product offered to our retail customers, eliminating drop-shipping, and improving ship times and overall customer service. Our new headquarters features full power and data protection, with UPS and full automatic generator backup. The bottom line to the customer is very little can interrupt our business operation, ensuring the quality service you expect. Today Bodytronics is one of the largest distributors of personal fitness electronics in the United States, serving both retail and wholesale customers from it's Metro Atlanta, Georgia facility.


Contact Information
Phone: (9:30a - 5:30p EST, Mon-Fri): (678) 817-5789

Toll Free 24hr Fax: (877) 799-7928

Email: sales2@bodytronics.com

By Snailmail or UPS:
TKOZ Enterprises, Inc.
3020 NE 41st Terrace STE 427
Homestead, FL 33033

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