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Heart Zone Training

Professional athletes take heart zone training seriously. Many of them go through extensive fitness tests every playing season and when they are traded to another sports team. They’re familiar as are their sports trainers, with the role of heart rate and respiration rate in athletic performance levels. The heart is a good barometer of overall physical health.

These mechanical fitness tests using heart rate monitors and other machines help identify current level fitness levels. Quantifiying or measuring their fitness levels helps them identify those areas they need to improve.

Heart is an accurate indicator of the individual’s degree of fitness. You can memasure your own heart rate against normal rates for someone your own age. Like the pro athlete, you set goals for yourself and view your improvements.

Why is the heart rate a good indicator of fitness levels and health? The heart supplies the body with oxygen and nutrients by pushing them through arteries. The muscles in the rest of the body can only do work to the extent that the heart is delivering oxygen and nutrients, and for allowing the removal of waste. If the heart is diseased or weak, it won’t be able to pump enough oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed, or it will have to beat faster and harder. In those who have developed some form of heart disease, or their arteries have lost their elasticity, blood pressure may rise to high levels. High blood pressure can lead to other serious health problems such as damaged kidneys and strokes.

Heart rate monitors are an excellent training assistant for heart zone training regimens. Check out Bodytronics today.

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